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Business/Vendor Entry

Ocean Reef community Association-Public safety

Security at Ocean Reef has always been a priority by membership and leadership, and through the years, our community has enjoyed the fruits produced by this important aspect of our Unique Way of Life.  It is also important to recognize that security efforts cannot remain dormant; leaders must monitor the processes, equipment and overall program and suggest areas for enhancement.

In the face of the aftermath and recovery of Hurricane Irma, Ocean Reef was overwhelmed by numerous businesses who sought to enter our community, in as much several were identified as having criminal backgrounds, therefore not meeting the level of professionalism that Ocean Reef residents and members deserve.  Additionally, allowing individuals with such backgrounds would be a detriment to the overall security of our beloved community, and risk dangers that are prevented by requiring backgrounds.

Considering the importance of the aforementioned your ORCA Board of Directors has taken proactive steps to mitigate the dangers that can be caused by the entry of businesses, and their employees that have criminal histories. Beginning immediately, the Public Safety Welcome Center will conduct a preliminary background on all businesses being requested entry by members, unless the business has previously been screened.  This process will be expedient; not causing an unreasonable delay, yet this process will be an investment of time that will surely enhance the security we have come to enjoy.

Update ORCA Member Handbook (pg. 38) Approved September 28, 2017


GUESTS OF PROPERTY OWNERS AND CLUB MEMBERS may be admitted after proper clearance has been obtained. Prior to arrival, the host should notify the Ocean Reef Public Safety Department Front Gate at (305-367-4992) or (305-676-3333)giving the name of the guest, expected time and method of arrival (by land, air or sea) and the host’s identification number. Property Owners may also clear guests through the Secure Guest Clearance Section at www.orcareef.com. Guests who have not been previously cleared will be denied admission. Property Owners may, in writing, in advance, authorize guests, contractors or employees to clear other guests for admission. Property Owners have the right to clear contractors after a criminal background check has been conducted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Will delivery companies be effected by this rule?

No, please notify the Front Gate as you normally would for your delivery; these persons are granted access for the time and purpose needed.

Will this effect Boat Captains, House Attendants or Property Managers?

No, these persons may already possess an ORCA Identification card allowing access.

What if my service provider (business) does not meet your standard background?

We can provide you a list of companies with approved employees to meet all your needs.  Currently there are over 10,000 approved workers for Ocean Reef; we further recommend you contact the Ocean Reef Chamber, 305-367-3646 for a list of approved member companies.

What documents are required by my service provider to present for proper clearance?

A valid government (State or Federal) issued identification with a photograph, to include Driver’s License State Identification Card, Passport, Military ID Card, or a Resident Card.

How long will this take?

The local background for a Temporary “Day Pass” can be handled in about 15 minutes; as the process is expedited when application forms are obtained and completed before needing entry.  The Temporary/Day Pass and ORCA ID Card applications are available at the Welcome Center or by visiting www.orcareef.com.

Is there a cost for this?

Yes.  A “Day Pass” is $7.00 per day and a company may purchase up to 10 days in a year per employee.  If a business wishes to purchase an ORCA Identification Card, this access is valid for 1 year at a cost of $43.00 per employee.  The service provider orthe member may pay the expense, which covers the cost of the criminal history inquiry.

How do I request Access for a personal Business Provider?

You may call the Front Gate or Welcome Center for assistance, or call 305-676-3333 (which is a contact set up specifically to expedite this particular need).  Please be prepared to provide the name of the company and person(s) and when they are expected to arrive, along with the address they will be working.   Direct your Service Provider to the Welcome Center during normal business hours, or the Front gate after hours.

What would cause a denial?

Felonies, serious offenses, Sexual Registry, active criminal cases and previous Ocean Reef property thefts or crimes may cause a person denial of entry.  Years passed since conviction or other contributing factors may be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis.   

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