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Lake Okeechobee Level Hits Peak Range, Raises Flooding ThreatLake Okeechobee's rising waters are pushing past the peak range intended to guard against flooding South Florida, and are expected to keep going up before the end of hurricane season.
Mosquitoes Are Deadly, so Why Not Kill Them All?The death toll from diseases carried by mosquitoes is so huge that scientists are working on a radical idea. Why not eradicate them? (Click above for the full article)
Get Your Absentee Ballot NowThe Ocean Reef Political Action Committee will be interviewing candidates for the November Election September 19-20th and will send out information to you. If you havenít registered to vote please do so immediately. (Click above for more information)
Keys meteorologist Rizzo weathers his fearsKEY WEST ó Jon Rizzo became a meteorologist in part to understand his own fears about weather. (Click above for full article)
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